Escape from Israeli prison! 6 Palestinians fled … Stunned images

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According to information that the official Israeli broadcaster KAN bases on the prison administration, security forces continue to search for 6 Palestinians who escaped from the tunnels they dug in the Gilboa prison in the north of the country at night. last.

According to the same news, those who fled are Zekeriya ez-Zabidi, member of the armed wing of the Fatah Martyrs organization of Al-Aqsa, and Yakub Nufeyat, member of the Islamic Jihad organization, and 5 people named Muhammed Kasım el- Arıda, Yakub Mahmud Kadri, Eyhem Fuad Kemamci, Mahmud Abdullah el-Arıda. .

They dug a 10-meter tunnel

It was said that the fugitives stayed in the same part of the prison and dug a 10-meter tunnel. While it was reported that the search for fleeing Palestinians was continuing using helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles, the Israeli newspaper Maarif noted that numerous security guards were dispatched to the area and that intensive search operations were carried out.


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The escape of Palestinian detainees from Gilboa maximum security prison in northern Israel was greeted with joy in the Gaza Strip.

Celebrating the event by forming a convoy through the streets and handing out sweets, Palestinians carried signs with the names of escaped prisoners and “the second largest escape from the Zionist enemy’s prisons.”

We saw that the celebration, which took place by distributing sweets, was organized by the Islamic Jihad Movement, to which 5 of the escaped detainees belonged.

On the other hand, the Walla News website wrote that all of those who escaped were prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment.

Gilboa Prison is one of Israel’s narrowest prisons, built under the supervision of Irish experts and opened in 2004, according to the website of the Conscience Institute, which deals with non-government prisoners and human rights. man.

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