EU considers new options for sanctions against Russia

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The first day of the EU leaders’ summit is over. After the first day, the part of the summit declaration on Russia was announced.

The European Council expressed hope that the Russian administration would display a more constructive relationship and also end its actions against the EU and EU member states and third countries. The statement included a call for Russia to implement the Minsk accords in order to change the EU’s position.

Stressing the importance of a firm and coordinated response by EU members against Russia’s “harmful, illegal and destructive” activities, the statement stressed that the EU should make full use of the tools at its disposal in coordination with his partners.

“To this end, the European Council invites the European Commission and the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy to present options for further restrictive measures, including economic sanctions,” the statement said. statement has been included.

EU leaders also stressed the importance of developing cooperation with countries in the Eastern part of the Union and deepening relations with Central Asia.

In the statement, which said the EU is open to establishing a “selective relationship” with Russia in areas where it has interests, it particularly calls on the European Commission to develop concrete options which will include conditions and assets in international matters. such as climate and environment, health and the Iran nuclear deal, Syria and Libya. The high representative of the EU has been summoned.

“The European Council will explore the terms and formats of the dialogue with Russia in this context,” the statement said. The expression was used.

EU leaders condemned the restriction of fundamental freedoms and the shrinking of civil society space in Russia.

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