EU prepares to create a common cyberunit

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The European Commission has announced its proposal, which includes the creation of a new “Joint Cyber ​​Unit” against the growing number of serious cyber attacks recently affecting businesses, citizens and public services.

As a result, the new unit will bring together the available resources and expertise of the EU and Member States to prevent, deter and respond effectively to cyber attacks and mass crises.

The Joint Cyber ​​Unit will be a platform where various civilian, security, diplomatic and private cybersecurity units currently operating in different ways will cooperate.

With the new unity, EU institutions and Member States will show solidarity against large-scale cyber attacks. Participants will be invited to provide operational resources to the joint cyberunit.

EU cybersecurity rapid reaction teams will be set up against attacks. The joint cyber unit is expected to be operational by June 30, 2023.

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The European Commission will make the necessary investments to set up the unit. Currently, cybersecurity falls under the competence of the Member States.

For the creation of this unit, EU Member States must approve it.

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