EU: Taliban interim government is breaking its word

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Peter Stano, spokesman for the European Union (EU) Commission, told the daily press conference that they did not find the interim government announced by the Taliban “inclusive” and that those appointed did not did not have a wide representation.

“This government is not what the Taliban promised and it reflects the rich and diverse cultural and ethnic origin of Afghanistan,” Stano said. noted.

Recalling that they will assess the EU’s relations with the Taliban according to the 5 conditions that they announced before, Stano said that one of these 5 conditions is inclusiveness, and that the first step of the Taliban is not did not meet their expectations.

“We expect the permanent government to reflect its inclusiveness,” Stano said. he said.

The 5 conditions agreed at the meeting of foreign ministers of EU countries last week that the Taliban do not export terrorism to other countries, respect human rights, the rule of law and media freedom, facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid, allow foreign nationals who want to leave the country and Afghans at risk of leaving.

EU spokesman Eric Mamer said they would be in “operational contact” with the relevant authorities regarding the delivery of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan.

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Mamer said that non-governmental organizations working in the field of humanitarian aid particularly wanted female staff with expertise to participate in these activities.

Mamer also stressed that the development aid they will provide to Afghanistan will depend on the 5 conditions they announced before.

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