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Ahead of the two-day summit, there was a significant increase in messages regarding the creation of new financial funds for Syrians in Turkey. The European Commission, which carries out technical work by keeping in touch with the capitals of the member states, is expected to submit its proposal on this issue to the summit. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen (VDL), who spoke in Berlin yesterday as details of the new aid, details of which have yet to be released, are expected to be updated, said said the agreement focused on migration between Brussels and Ankara should be updated and said: it is important that we continue. ”


“We don’t need extreme humanitarian aid like in the past, but people need a step back,” said VDL, who is expected to make quantified and concrete recommendations at the summit. Germany and the European Commission agree on the need for continued financial support.


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German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in her statement the day before, said that perspective is needed for the future in the context of aid to Syrians in Turkey and said that Turkey, which hosts more than three million refugees, has every right to support. Stressing that EU support for Turkey must continue, Merkel told a joint press conference with Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi: “I think we both agree that we cannot continue without Turkey’s cooperation “. Draghi also said he shared Merkel’s point of view.


Although the exact figure for the new package to be provided to Syrian refugees has not yet been announced, the new fund is expected to amount to around € 3 billion. Ankara maintains burden sharing among its main expectations vis-à-vis the EU and welcomes further financial support in this context. The embarrassing factor is the EU’s approach separating financial aid from the refugee-focused memorandum of March 18, which Turkey is asking to be updated, as if the document only includes this element and does not change very much his position despite Ankara’s suggestions.

The update of the Customs Union, which is among Turkey’s most important demands, is also on the leaders’ agenda.

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Although Turkey demands that the update negotiations begin without delay and without any preconditions, the EU wing is prioritizing the elimination of the problems and the implementation of the current agreement for all. Member States. The approaches of some EU members which associate the update with the rule of law in Turkey and with fundamental rights and freedoms continue. Authorization to start negotiations is not expected from the summit. Initiating a high-level dialogue on topics such as health and the climate crisis is emerging as the area where the quickest action can be taken.

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In a report prepared by the Global Relations Forum (GRF), it was stressed that the EU and Turkey must change their attitude and that the two sides will lose in the long run if they do not work together and take action. jointly. In the report prepared by some retired academics and ambassadors specializing in EU relations in Turkey, it was stated that “the fact that the EU is constantly setting new political preconditions for Turkey on issues such as the customs union reinforces the lack of confidence ”.

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It was among the highlights of the document that the priorities of the parties are different, but it is possible to combine them on common points. In the report, which draws attention to the fact that no progress can be made if populism is allowed for domestic political purposes, it was noted that Turkey should return to predictable policies and that an environment based on the rule of law and respect for fundamental rights, rights and freedoms must be cultivated in all areas.

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