European countries introduce coercive measures

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In Germany, only those who have been vaccinated, those who have been caught and recovered from Kovid-19, or those with a negative test result can enter public spaces, indoor indoor spaces such as restaurants, theaters, cinemas and events such as outdoor concerts.

Rapid tests must have been performed within the last 24 hours. PCR tests performed within the last 48 hours are also accepted.


As of August 9, the French government launched the Kovid-19 “health license” application. In this context, traveling between regions, entering hospitals, restaurants, cafeterias, cinemas, museums and shopping centers, indoor halls with a capacity of more than 50 people and amusement parks, those who have completed their Kovid-19 vaccines, have a PCR test performed within the past 72 hours, or have illness within the past 6 months. 6. The data matrix given to those captured and retrieved is read.

In addition, nursing homes and hospital workers and firefighters also needed to be vaccinated.

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Although Kovid-19 measures differ among Autonomous Administrations, there are no nighttime curfews except for a few areas.

Restaurants and bars across the country close at 1:00 a.m. (2:00 a.m. in some locations). The mask and social distancing obligation continues in closed areas, concerts and sporting activities.


Although Belgium has lifted almost all Kovid-19 measures since the beginning of this month, at major events the public is invited to show the document proving that he is fully vaccinated, that he has a negative result by having a PCR test within 48 hours, or they have recently recovered from the disease.


Under the new measures that will be valid from September 7 to October 30, working hours in restaurants and other places have been limited to 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. It was stipulated that there should be a distance of 1.5 meters between customers and a maximum of 6 people at the same table. In sites that wish to work at full capacity, it has been made mandatory for all staff and customers to have a vaccine or a negative test result or to have survived Kovid-19.

While nightlife entertainment venues and casinos will be temporarily closed for service, the conditions for concert halls and cinemas to operate at 50% capacity and for wearing masks will apply. The events will take place without spectators in the indoor sports areas; The rooms will be used up to 30 percent of their capacity for events such as conventions, conferences and symposia.

European countries introduce coercive measures

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Citizens are required to prove with a digital European vaccination certificate that they are fully vaccinated or that the test results are negative.

In the country where the obligation for all unvaccinated private and public sector employees to be tested once a week, at their expense, between September 13 and March 31, a vaccination certificate will also be required for travel by plane, boat, train and bus.

The same practice will apply to indoor spaces such as cafes, bars, restaurants, entertainment centers, indoor and outdoor sports halls, theater, cinema, museum, archaeological sites and sports halls.

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