European leaders meet! Turkey is on the agenda

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The leaders of the European Union (EU) countries will meet tomorrow to discuss the topics on the agenda, including Turkey.

The EU leaders’ summit will be held in Brussels on June 24-25. The leaders’ agenda will include tackling the new type of coronavirus epidemic (Kovid-19), EU stimulus funds for Member States, cooperation with third countries on migration and foreign relations, especially Turkey, Belarus and Russia.

In the part of the meeting relating to Turkey, which will be discussed over dinner, it is expected that topics such as Turkey-EU relations, in particular the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean and Cyprus, migration, aid to Syrians in Turkey, updating the customs union and trade will be discussed.

Turkey stresses that it has done its part in relations with the EU and that the EU’s turn is next. Among Turkey’s short-term expectations at the summit are steps to update the customs union and EU Council authorizing the European Commission to do so, as well as making progress in renewing the EU. agreement concerning the nearly 4 million Syrians hosted by Turkey.


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Many EU members, in particular Germany, advocate the renewal of the migration agreement between Turkey and the EU. Finally, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said: “The agreement is important and should be developed further. Turkey is doing a fantastic job welcoming 3.7 million Syrian refugees. Turkey deserves our support. he expressed his support.

After the summit held in March, the European Commission is preparing a study on this subject in accordance with the mission entrusted by the leaders. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is due to make a presentation to leaders on the study.

In this presentation, information such as the amount of aid to be provided by the EU and how the aid will be provided will be presented to the leaders, not only for Turkey but also for the Syrians in Jordan and Lebanon.

Prior to the summit, a non-paper was distributed to member countries regarding aid. The European Council will ask the European Commission to make a formal proposal in this regard. Once the Council has seen the details such as the amount of aid, where the money will come from and in what areas it will be used, the approval process will begin.


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It is considered that a reference will be made to carrying out studies at the technical level for the updating of the customs union requested by Turkey, and this could be included in the final declaration.

The European side says that technical studies have started to authorize the European Commission to update the customs union.

Technical discussions between Turkey and the EU regarding the update are also expected to resume. In this context, it is expected that the delegations of the two parties will meet at the level of directors general in the first half of July.

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Although it appears that Turkey’s expectations will not be fully met at the EU summit, the high-level dialogue is another area where progress can be made, aside from updating the Customs Union.

The aim is to launch such dialogues in the near future, particularly in the areas of health and climate change. It is indicated that the EU wants cooperation with Turkey in the fight against Kovid-19 and a high-level dialogue on climate issues.


EU officials express their satisfaction at the easing of the tension that mounted last summer in the eastern Mediterranean and want it to continue.

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The European side wants the positive agenda with Turkey to continue, but expresses its “concern”, in particular for Cyprus. The EU, which wants a solution within traditional UN parameters against Turkey’s proposed two-state solution, argues that the two-state solution is not an option. EU officials also express that they are “concerned” about the closed Maraş case.


EU-Russia relations are expected to cover an important part of the two-day summit of EU leaders. The EU’s High Representative for Foreign Relations and Security Policy Josep Borrell will meet the Foreign Ministers of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova on the morning of June 24 ahead of the summit.

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“I do not expect the issue of relations with Turkey to be discussed in depth at this meeting of the Council of the EU.” Borrell said, citing the fact that the summit will focus primarily on Russia as the reason.

Decisions on Russia are expected in the summit’s final declaration. In addition, the status of the current sanctions will be assessed in the Belarus talks.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres will also be the guest of European leaders at the summit. Guterres will meet with leaders of EU countries for lunch on the first day of the meeting.

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