European Parliament calls for removal of intellectual property from Covid-19 vaccines

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During the session of the General Assembly of the European Parliament (EP) held in Strasbourg, the draft resolution on intellectual property rights on Kovid-19 vaccines was voted on.

MEPs, the bill calling for the waiver of patent rights on vaccines; Agree with 355 “yes”, 263 “no” and 71 “abstention”.

The bill called for the temporary removal of intellectual property rights in order to keep the prices of Covid-19 vaccines and related health products affordable and to accelerate global access to the vaccine.

In the bill, which called for the repeal of decisions by the United States and England banning the export of vaccines and raw materials, it was stated that voluntary licensing, technical knowledge and technology transfer should be provided in order to increase vaccine production in the long term. .

The bill called for more support for the Covid-19 Global Vaccine Access Program (COVAX), which is supported by the World Health Organization (WHO), which aims to provide access to vaccines to countries in the need.

The proposal by some countries led by India and the Republic of South Africa to suspend certain provisions of the Agreement Regulating Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) for the treatment, diagnosis and prevention of the spread of Kovid-19 epidemic has been put on the agenda in the WTO and negotiations have been initiated on this issue.

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The US administration changed its stance on vaccine intellectual property rights in May and supported the idea of ​​removing those rights.

The EU, for its part, said it could be discussed, but that it would not provide a short-term solution, and that investments should be mainly spent on sharing vaccines, exporting vaccines produced and increase in vaccine production capacity. .

While the idea of ​​abolishing intellectual property is supported by the poor and some developing countries, some Western countries and pharmaceutical companies oppose it.

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