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169 US citizens staying at the Baron Hotel near Kabul Airport Hamid Karzai realized that a large crowd had gathered as they left the hotel to drive to the airport by road.

Believing it wouldn’t be safe to catch their plane on their own, the group decided to seek help. Thereupon, an American commander, who was part of the group, called a helicopter. Three Chinook-type military helicopters dispatched to the hotel’s predetermined landing zone evacuated 169 people.


It was the first operation carried out by American soldiers outside the borders of the airport since the fall of Kabul. Details of the incident have been announced by the US Department of Defense. President Joe Biden declared that “all means will be mobilized to bring home all Americans who wish to leave the country”. It was not clear whether the crowd gathered around the hotel was intentional or whether it consisted of Taliban operatives. The hotel in question is 2 km from the airport.

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