Every day is another nightmare in India … A 3 story building collapses due to heavy rains: 11 people died!

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It was reported that 11 people died and 7 people were injured as a result of the collapse of a neglected 3-story building in Mumbai, India due to heavy rains.

In the police statement, it was stated that the 3-story building collapsed due to the monsoon rains which were effective in the area, collapsed on another building, and work began to save those who were under the rubble.

It was reported that 11 people lost their lives under the rubble during the rescue operations, in which locals also participated, while 7 injured people were sent to hospital.

Authorities noted that work is continuing in case there are more under the rubble.

In India, unsustainable buildings are demolished every year between June and September when the monsoon rains are effective.

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Two days ago, 18 workers were killed in a fire at a chemical plant in Pune, India.

A chemicals factory in Pune, India, was devastated by flames.

According to the BBC report, a fire broke out at a chemical plant operating in the industrial area of ​​Pirangut for an undetermined reason.

Fire crews who arrived at the scene demolished the walls of the facility to save the 37 workers trapped inside.

Every day is another nightmare in India ... 3-story building collapses due to heavy rains: 11 people died

Authorities said 18 of the workers died in the blaze.

Expressing condolences to the workers, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that the families of the deceased would receive compensation in the amount of $ 2,800.

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