Exactly 47 years old … Sold for four times its value!

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Known as the national liquor of China, the 1974 “Sunflower” liquor, which is said to have a very high alcohol content and a “fiery taste” when drunk, was sold for 1 million pounds ($ 12 million 157 000 TL) at auction.

It has been stated by Sotheby’s in London, the capital of England, that the “Sunflower” liquor was to sell for between £ 200,000 and £ 450,000 previously, but the auction house sold a case of liquor dating from 1974 and produced in limited numbers this time at £ 1 million at auction. announced that they had found a buyer.

In a statement on Sotheby’s website, “The safe was sealed with original nails upon shipment. The safe is branded Kweichow Moutai, and inside there are 24 separate compartments containing 24 bottles each.


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The Moutai ‘Moonflower’ was first released in 1969 and the last batch was released around 1983.

According to official records, alcohol normally produced 664.5 tons, in 1974 36.2 tons were produced.

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