Fear takes hold of Australia … The cursed baby is terrifying!

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In northern Queensland, located in the northern part of the Australian state of Queensland, the small town of Lucinda, home to only 406 people, is seeing a horror movie these days. The photos that have gone viral on social media were taken in the region’s mangrove forest swamp.

A swing resting on the branch of a low tree in the middle of the swamp and the doll sitting on that swing and seeming to be swinging seem to come out of a nightmare.

The reason this doll created such fear is that no one knows where it came from, who made it and where it was placed on this swing.

In addition, the doll has already become an urban legend, as unexpected accidents or strange misfortunes have already started to happen to those who get too close to the doll!

Speaking to the local press, townspeople said mysterious events such as unexpected accidents, engine failures and missing equipment began to happen to those who went fishing near or on the swamp. the beach.

“Everyone knows and sees the baby, but no one wants to talk about it,” a city dweller named Nick Dametto. He recounts the situation. It is spread like an urban legend that even people who joke “Hello” when they pass the baby are cursed and bad things happen to them.

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Dametto ‘It could be real or the story of old women. However, even if these accidents and serious events happen by chance, it is still very scary, ”he says.

According to one theory, the doll was made by a couple living in a city with good intentions to bring color to their city and placed on a swing. But whatever the truth, city dwellers don’t even want to talk about it, let alone solve this “mystery” …

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