Fearsome prediction about the fires in Greece: “It could take months …”

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CNN International correspondent Eleni Giokos assessed the latest situation on the Greek island of Eğriboz in Kaan Temeltaş during the live broadcast of CNN TÜRK, and used striking statements about when the fires are going to s ‘switch off.

“From what we understand from the statement made by the emergency services at the moment, they are trying to prevent the fire from getting worse again so that it does not spread again. In Greece, we still see forest fires in parts of the country. Mainly in the Peloponnese peninsula (Peloponnese) and Evia. Almost a thousand firefighters are fighting here. There are also over 200 fire trucks. also international support to control these forest fires. ”


“I want to show you the landscape behind me. There is destruction as far as the eye can see. We are talking about thousands of hectares of land. It was virgin and pristine forests that have completely disappeared. The inhabitants are shocked and many they get their income from that forest. Most of them were farmers and a lot of land was burned down. It’s also very important to know that here, and one of the things we heard is that we spoke to a firefighter in the morning. They said this situation could go on for months. In fact, even though the fires we saw a few days ago were out, you see the ground is still warm and you can smell the fire. It does. They said it might take months.

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“We know that thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes. Many people have been evacuated by ferries. The fight against the forest fires is on its ninth day in Evia, so I can say that it is a very long and nightmarish journey. If there is an opportunity to expand, it expands. The wind picked up today. This could be a big problem, they say. The weather is very hot in Greece, which worsens the situation Today, with the increase in visibility, more air reinforcements should arrive The planes should arrive New fires have broken out These vehicles have carried water mainly in areas that are difficult to access by land. They also try to keep the web constantly humid. So that fires do not recur. “

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