Female staff on duty at the Taliban-controlled Kabul airport!

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After US forces completely left the country on August 31, the operation at the airport, which was under Taliban control, continues to return to normal.

According to information received from the airport authorities, around 30 women have started to work in various departments. The number is expected to reach 60 in the coming days.

Women have been seen working at checkpoints, in border police units, in technical and service jobs. Airport president Mevlevi Abdulhadi Hamedan told Anadolu (AA) agency that women can work under Islamic hijab rules and called on all former employees to work.

Recalling that the Taliban called on all former government employees to return to work, Hamedan said, “We also call on all former airport employees to return to work.

Our airport staff started working on a regular basis. Depending on the needs, we also called on the female staff to resume their work. By observing the Islamic hijab, the women began to work where it was needed. used his statements.

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A female staff member, who did not want to be named, said: “We are happy to be back in business. “We want the Taliban to solve our salary problem,” he said.

On the other hand, the border police operating under the previous government started working at the airport. After the Taliban took control of the capital, Kabul, the women working there were absent due to the Taliban’s ambiguous stance on women’s work.

Hamid Karzai International Airport came under Taliban control after the United States withdrew its last troops from the country on August 31.

Female staff on duty at Taliban-controlled Kabul airport

After the Taliban took control of the airport on September 1, a Qatar Airways plane flew the technical team to Kabul to investigate and reopen the airport. Later, on September 4 and 6, two planes carrying humanitarian aid and medical supplies from Qatar landed in Kabul.

The international community, especially the United States, European countries and the United Nations, want Kabul airport to be activated as quickly as possible.

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