Fire nightmare continues in US: wildfire spreads to California highway

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The current forest fire in California, United States, has spread to the freeway.

Officials reported that 5 interstate highways providing transport in the south-north direction of the state were partially closed to traffic due to the “road fire.”

Saying the blaze could not be brought under control, authorities said settlements in the area where the flames spread to the highway were also at risk.

In California, which has been fighting fires for months, the rains have been found to help alleviate fires in some areas, but new fires have broken out in the arid areas of the upstate with the effect of lightning.

According to data from the National Weather Service, more than 1,100 lightning strikes struck the state during the rains that occurred between the evening of September 9 and the morning of September 10.

Lightning caused new fires in the Sierra Nevada.

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