First case seen! ‘Marburg’ nightmare begins before the crown ends

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that Marburg fever has been detected in Guinea, a first in West Africa.

In the statement made by the WHO Africa Directorate, it was reported that Marburg fever had been detected in samples taken from a patient who was treated at a clinic in the Gueckedou region in the south of the country and later died.

It has been reported that the Institut Pasteur in Senegal, to which the samples taken from the patient were sent, also confirmed the diagnosis of Marburg fever.

In the press release, it was recalled that the Ebola epidemic that broke out in the country in 2014-2016 and 2021 also appeared in Gueckedou.

Stressing that Marburg fever has the potential to spread over a large area, the statement said Guinea is working with local authorities taking advantage of its experience in the fight against Ebola, which is transmitted in the same way.

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While it was pointed out that Marburg fever was first observed in West Africa, it was noted that the region where the virus was detected is located on the border of Liberia and the Coast. ivory.


The Marburg virus, a “closely related species” to Ebola, was first detected in 1967 in a laboratory in Marburg, Germany.

Marburg fever, which is transmitted to humans by fruit bats, is spread among humans through the bodily fluids of infected people or through contact.

In infected people, effects such as high fever, severe headache, weakness and vomiting occur suddenly, and many patients develop severe bleeding symptoms within 7 days.

WHO announced: First case seen Marburg nightmare began before crown ended

The death rate in Marburg fever, which has no vaccine or special treatment, ranges between 23 percent and 90 percent.

Since 1967, when the virus was first detected, there have been 12 outbreaks of Marburg in South and East Africa and Europe.

Although the virus was found in a bat in the West African country of Sierra Leone in 2018, no cases have been recorded in humans.

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WHO announced: First case seen Marburg nightmare began before crown ended

During the Marburg fever outbreak in Angola in 2005, 90 percent of the 252 people who contracted the disease died.

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