First crack in the EU! Sweden does not want a common army

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In a statement on State Radio SR, Minister Hultqvist assessed the proposal of the European Union (EU) High Representative for Foreign Relations and Security Policy Josep Borrell, “The EU to create a force joint military ‘as part of the’ strategic compass’ plan.

Hultqvist said that military cooperation with the US is the backbone of the EU: “I think cooperation with the US and the transatlantic connection are still very important for the future of Europe. I do not see the EU’s plan to strengthen its military might as the main way to solve the problems, ”he assesses.


The “strategic compass” must be a military strategy document which includes the future military objectives of the EU, the strategic plans and the threats against it.

The document that will form the backbone of the strategic compass will be the EU Threat Analysis Report. This confidential report consists of threat assessments from intelligence agencies in EU member states. However, since the perception of the threat of each EU member is different, a consensus has not yet been reached.

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One of the main reasons why the EU wants to create a strategic compass is that it wants “autonomy in the security of Europe”.

The EU, which wants to get out of the American shield and create its own, defines this as “strategic autonomy”.

The proposal for the Strategic Compass report will be discussed at the European Council on November 16.

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