First statement from CNN reporter Clarissa Ward … The world was shaken by this image!

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The repercussions of Afghanistan falling to the Taliban in 10 days continue …

While the country’s future remains uncertain, images of the country continue to enter the global agenda in the first place.

One of those images was from CNN International correspondent Clarissa Ward’s show yesterday from Kabul.

Users who put together a pre-Taliban broadcast by Ward and a post he made after the city came under Taliban control have put the change together in one image.

The expected statement on this image, which went viral on social media in no time, has arrived. Ward first spoke about this setting, which was seen by millions of people in a short period of time.

Ward, who made statements on his personal Twitter account, used the following statements;

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“The photo above is inside a private complex. Below, in the Taliban streets of Kabul. I used to wear a scarf, even though my hair was not completely covered. So there is a difference, but it’s not that clear.


On the other hand, radical changes have been made to the Afghan broadcast channels. We saw that the presenters had been removed from the screen on the main television channels broadcasting in the country.

There has been an increase in favorable comments about the Taliban on Afghan National Afghan Television and the private channels Tolo News, Ariana, Shamshad and 1TV. According to news reported by the BBC; Critical news on television is very rare.

On state television, which was seized by the Taliban on the evening of August 15, mainly religious content is broadcast.

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