Flash decision on radioactive wastewater from Japan

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According to information from the Kyodo agency, which is based on the sources of the operator of the Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), the Japanese company will build a tunnel to the ocean under the power station to evacuate the wastewater.

In this context, TEPCO, which plans to further dilute the wastewater treated in accordance with legal standards and reduce its radioactivity, will discharge it into the Pacific Ocean through a 1 kilometer tunnel to be built under the sea.

The tunnel will be constructed by digging the lower rocks on the seabed near reactor number 5 of the Dai-içi power plant, and it will extend 1 kilometer to the east and bring the sewage to the sea in the area. where fishing is not allowed.

TEPCO, which is expected to make a formal construction application to the Nuclear Regulatory Board (NRA) in the near future, plans to start digging the project early next year.

The central government has announced that the release process will begin in the spring of 2023.

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Japanese Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide announced in April that wastewater from the Fukushima Dai-içi nuclear power plant, damaged in the earthquake and tsunami in the northeast of the country 10 years ago, would be discharged into the sea.

While neighboring countries China, South Korea and Taiwan have reacted to the Tokyo government’s decision, the United States “gets it” and the IAEA has said it supports it.

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