Flash development in the scandal which the world watched with horror! Remains of 751 identified children

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According to a statement from the Sovereign Indigenous First Nations Federation (FSIN), the umbrella organization of First Nations Indigenous people in the state of Saskatchewan, hundreds of unofficial graves of children have been discovered at the site of the former Marieval Indian boarding school in Cowessess. First Nations region. As a result of the studies, it was reported that the remains of 751 children’s bodies were found in the unregistered graves in the school garden.


Considered the greatest child molester in Canadian history, the first denominational residential school opened in the early 1880s and the last closed in 1996.

In denominational boarding schools, where more than 150,000 local children have been forcibly removed from their families and settled, most of these children have been subjected to physical, sexual and psychological violence by priests, nuns and women. other teachers.

In addition to the abuses recorded by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission created in 2010 in the country, it has been determined that some children have been subjected to medical experiments.

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The Canadian federal government formally apologized to the victims in 2008 for what happened in denominational residential schools, where thousands of children died of starvation, cold and medical experiments.

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