Flash invitation to Afghanistan from the Taliban to Merkel

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German newspaper Bild published an interview titled “Taliban Spokesman Invites Prime Minister to Kabul”.

In the interview in question, Mujahid said: “Germany has historic and good relations with Afghanistan. We want strong and official diplomatic relations with Germany. used the expression.

Zabihullah Mujahid stressed that they want the German government to have the best possible diplomatic relations with the new government (Taliban government).

Mujahid said that in addition to good diplomatic relations with Germany, they wanted financial support, humanitarian aid and cooperation from Berlin in the areas of health, infrastructure and education. “We think the German government can really help us.” shared his opinion.

Journalist Bild, “Would you like to warmly welcome German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Afghanistan? Mujahid said: “Of course. We want a strong and secure environment in Afghanistan that will be accepted by all countries of the world and that world leaders will believe in. They should come and visit our country. Angela Merkel will certainly have a special place. ‘truly welcome to our country. ” gave the answer.

Germany had started talks with the Taliban to evacuate local personnel working in Afghanistan after the military evacuation operation ended.

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In addition, the German government has declared its readiness to provide humanitarian aid to Afghanistan in order to avoid a possible new refugee crisis.

The German government closed the embassy there after the capture of Kabul by the Taliban. The government’s special representative, Ambassador Markus Potzel, visited Doha, Qatar, where he continued diplomatic contacts with representatives of the Taliban.

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