Flash messages from Turkey in the EU summit declaration!

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While the EU summit was underway, the part of the summit declaration regarding Turkey was shared with the public after negotiations regarding Turkey were concluded.

Stressing that the European Council is renegotiating the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean and EU-Turkey relations, the declaration underlined that a secure and stable environment in the Eastern Mediterranean, mutually beneficial relations with Turkey and the development of cooperation are in the strategic interest of the EU.

In the statement, it was stated that the decrease in tension in the Eastern Mediterranean was welcome and should be continued.

Stressing that the EU is ready to increase cooperation with Turkey in many areas involving common interests in a progressive, proportionate and reversible manner, it was said that EU leaders noted the start of technical studies for the authorization to update the customs union between the EU and Turkey.


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In the statement, it was indicated that the authorization to update the customs union could be accepted with further guidance to the Council of the EU, and it was noted that the problems encountered in the implementation of the The existing customs union should be eliminated and that it should be applied effectively to all EU member states.

In the statement, it was stressed that EU leaders took note of preparations for a high-level dialogue with Turkey on issues of mutual interest, such as migration, health, climate, fight against terrorism and regional issues.


In the statement, “The European Council calls on the European Commission to present without delay the official proposal to continue funding Syrian refugees and host communities in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and other parts of the region” . it has been said.

In the statement, which drew attention to the EU thesis that the solution to the Cyprus issue can be obtained on the basis of a bi-communal and bi-zonal federation based on political equality, it was stated that the EU leaders stressed the importance of Varosha’s closed status and called for the implementation of UN Security Council resolutions.

The European Council noted that it regretted that the talks on Cyprus in Geneva, Switzerland did not lead to the opening of formal negotiations, and that the EU will continue to play an active role in supporting the process.

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In the statement, which claimed that developments regarding the rule of law and fundamental rights in Turkey were a source of concern, it was claimed that political parties, human rights defenders and the media were being targeted and that ‘they had caused a decline in democracy, law and women’s rights.

In the declaration, “The European Council expects Turkey and all actors to contribute positively to the resolution of regional crises in accordance with the common interests of Turkey and the EU in regional peace and stability”. evaluation has been made.

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