Flash recommendation of the Kovid-19 vaccine for the third dose from the Netherlands

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In the recommendation of the Health Council, it was stated that a third dose of the vaccine should be given on the grounds that two doses might not be enough for people with weakened immune systems.

In the statement, it was noted that although the third dose of vaccine should be given to those deemed appropriate by family physicians and specialists, it was noted that vaccination would begin with the elderly.

Although it was stated that the third dose of vaccine was not required for the rest of the population, it was requested that the vaccine preparations for the third dose be made for the rest of the population in case the protective effect of the vaccine against serious diseases would decrease.

Bart Jan Kullberg, president of the Dutch Health Council, said in his statement on the subject that the third dose of vaccination should start immediately for people with weakened immunity.

The third dose of the vaccine is expected to be given to approximately 200,000 people in the Netherlands.

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