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Maros Sefcovic, Vice-President for Interagency Relations and Foresight at the European Commission, held a press conference on the 2021 version of the report, the first of which was published last year.

Stating that he discussed 5 main topics that will affect the EU by 2050, Sefcovic said they are climate change and other environmental challenges, digital hyper-connectivity and technological transformation, pressure on democracy and values, world order change and demographics.

Maros Sefcovic noted that the EU aims to develop a better understanding of green and digital transformations.

The 2021 Strategic Foresight Report compiles the EU’s objectives in the areas of health and food, technology, energy, economy and finance, security and defense.

In the report, it is stressed that the EU will cooperate more closely with Turkey and neighboring countries in accordance with these objectives.

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The report also states that the integration of the Western Balkans, transatlantic relations, stability in Africa, the Indo-Pacific and Central Asia are identified as geopolitical priorities.

In the report, which draws attention to the rise of China and India, it is noted that the geo-economic center of gravity will shift eastward in the coming period and that the US rivalry -Chinese will increase.

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