Flash statement from Canada’s Taliban: Turkey, Qatar will help negotiations

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Canadian Foreign Minister Marc Garneau made statements on Afghanistan on a television program he attended.

Minister Garneau has said that economic aid is Canada’s trump card against the Taliban and that they will use this aid as a trump card to ensure the safe exit of those waiting to be evacuated from Afghanistan.

Stating that their main priority in negotiations with the Taliban is to allow the safe passage of Afghans who want to leave the country, Minister Garneau said:

“Dialogue with the Taliban will take place multilaterally with many countries and in the coming days. The main priority demand in the negotiations will be to allow the safe passage of Afghans out of the country. This is what everyone agrees on and what we would present as a request to the Taliban. We don’t know how they will react to this, but that is the main focus of talks with the Taliban in the coming days.

Canadian Foreign Minister Garneau said Qatar and Turkey will participate in negotiations with the Taliban, adding that their second priority will be to keep Kabul airport open.

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Asked how Canada can put pressure on the group he sees as a terrorist entity, Garneau said that after the military evacuations end, they will also demand that the Kabul airport be turned into a functioning commercial airport. . . ”gave the answer.

Garneau said Canada is not in direct contact with the group that currently controls Afghanistan, but works through allies such as the United States and France.

Garneau advised those hoping to get to Canada from Afghanistan to stay put and not try to reach Kabul airport.

Minister Garneau added that although he did not provide exact figures, there are still thousands of people in Afghanistan, including citizens and permanent residents, with ties to Canada.

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Canada halted evacuations that began from Afghanistan on August 26 for security reasons.

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