Flash statement of civilian casualties from the White House!

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At his daily press conference, Psaki made assessments on the withdrawal and evacuation process in Afghanistan, which is expected to end tomorrow.

When asked how many US citizens were waiting to be evacuated to Afghanistan, Psaki said, “We have evacuated over 6,000 US citizens since August 14. Prior to August 14, we estimated there were less than 6,000 US citizens in Afghanistan, but many “We’re trying to figure out exactly how many Americans are staying. The hardest part is that dual citizenship has yet to decide to leave the country.” he said.


Stating that they will continue to work with their regional partners to keep local airports in Afghanistan operating, Psaki noted that even if they leave Afghanistan, they will continue the fight against terrorism. Regarding the news that 9 or 10 civilians, including children, lost their lives in the US airstrike on DAESH-Khorasan targets yesterday, Psaki said: “First of all, I have to say that we are taking more. of measures to prevent civilian casualties, perhaps any other state in the world. An investigation is underway. I cannot speak of civilian casualties, but as stated in the statement from the Ministry of Defense, there were explosives in the targeted vehicle and it could have caused more deaths. used the sentences.

Regarding the news that the United States gave the Taliban the list of Afghans and Americans to be evacuated from Afghanistan, Psaki argued that this news did not fully reflect the truth, but that it had cooperated with the Taliban to the success of evacuations in some cases. .

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