Flash statement on Afghanistan by Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov

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Lavrov and Libyan National Unity Government Foreign Minister Necla el-Mengush held a press conference after their meeting in the capital Moscow.

Referring to the situation in Afghanistan, Lavrov said, “The Taliban do not control all of Afghanistan at the moment. noted.

Stressing that the resistance forces in the Penchshir Valley have taken action against the Taliban, Lavrov stressed that Russia has taken more consistent action in the situation that has arisen.

“We are in favor of establishing a dialogue among the Afghans which will help to create a representative government. The resulting situation certainly confirms our consistent position in creating the external conditions for all kinds of support for the national dialogue in Afghanistan.” , Lavrov said. used his statements.

Stating that the situation in Afghanistan has acquired a regional dimension, Lavrov said: “The countries neighboring and countries far from Afghanistan are responding. In this case, we are ready to apply the Moscow format regarding the Afghan issue. he said.

Noting that the Taliban have said they are ready to meet with other political forces in the country, Lavrov said they welcome it.

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Addressing the Libyan issue, Lavrov said “positive” steps were taken last year in the process of resolving the issue.

“It is important that this process is completed with the conclusion of an agreement among all Libyans on the unification of the structures of state institutions in the fields of economy, finance, social security and defense, ”Lavrov said. noted.

Stressing the need to withdraw foreign forces from Libya, Lavrov noted that they supported the decisions of the 5 + 5 Joint Military Committee in the country.

Necla el-Mengush also stressed the importance of the process of withdrawing foreign powers from the country: “This process can be gradual and synchronous. The necessary mechanisms must be put in place for this. used his statements.

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