Flash step of the social media giants: these accounts will be closed!

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In the United States, social media platforms Facebook and Twitter and the YouTube video sharing platform have decided to shut down accounts that disseminate false information about the fight against the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19).

Some social media companies in the United States have started to take new measures to prevent the pollution of information about Kovid-19.

Facebook announced that it had closed numerous accounts spreading misinformation about the Kovid-19 vaccines, while Twitter and YouTube announced that it had suspended numerous accounts, including some Republican politicians.

Facebook also announced that it has closed hundreds of accounts linked to a Russia-based advertising agency that pays social media stars to smear the Kovid-19 vaccines developed by Pfizer and AstraZeneca. Thus, 65 Facebook accounts and 243 Instagram accounts are linked to “Fazze”, a Russian advertising and marketing company working for an unknown client.

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Facebook has announced that fake accounts linked to the company are targeting India, Latin America and the United States.

Youtube, on the other hand, removed a video of Republican Kentucky Senator Rand Paul claiming that “masks are not effective in spreading the Kovid-19 virus” for the second time and suspended Paul’s account for a week.

Making a statement regarding the suspension of his account, Senator Paul said private companies have the right to close his account, but YouTube’s decision shows “he remains committed to acting with management.” “I find this censorship very dangerous; I think it hinders free speech and scientific development that uses skepticism and questioning to reach the truth,” Paul said. used the expression.

Twitter, on the other hand, announced it had suspended the account of Republican House member Marjorie Taylor Green for a week, who wrote that the vaccines did not work and should not be approved by the Food and Drug. US administration.

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