For the first time in the UK, the mother’s name will be included in marriage certificates.

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In the statement of the Ministry of the Interior, information on the changes made to the system of registration of marriages in the country was shared.

As a result, the electronic registration system will replace paper marriage certificates signed by couples at registry offices, churches and chapels.

It aims to save time and paper through electronic registration of marriages, which is considered a more secure system.

The regulation, which is expressed as the biggest change in the marriage registration system in force in the country since 1837, aims to eliminate a “historical anomaly”.

With the change, the mother’s name will be included for the first time in certificates where only the couple’s father’s name is recorded.

In the statement that the changes were made in consultation with the British Church, Kevin Foster, the Minister for Borders and Refugees, said the country’s marriage registration system will adapt to the 21st century.

Father Malcolm Brown, director of public relations for the Church of England, expressed his satisfaction that the marriage registration system now includes the mother’s name in addition to the father’s name.

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Brown said the change in practices that has taken place for many years is not easy and the country’s clergy will adapt to the new regulations very quickly.

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