Forbidden the mask, caught Kovid-19! – Last minute news

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The governor of Texas, who banned the regulation of masks in the United States, caught Kovid-19.

In the statement made by the governor’s office, it was stated that Abbot, who was vaccinated in 2020, was in good health and did not show symptoms of the disease.

In the statement, it was noted that the governor, who caught Kovid-19, used the monoclonal antibody drug from the company Regeneron.

Abbot, who opposes mask regulation, has banned local governments and schools from requiring masks in Texas and imposed fines on administrators who made masks mandatory.

Texas announced that the average daily number of cases was 15,000 last week.

After 45% of the state’s intensive care beds were filled, Governor Abbot last week called 2,500 out-of-state health workers, asking hospitals to cancel all unsuccessful medical procedures. and to make room for Kovid-19 patients.

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