Foreign Ministry spokesman Bilgiç reacts to EP call for idealistic action

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In his written response to a question on the subject, Bilgiç recalled that the Foreign Ministry had provided the necessary explanations regarding the report in question, and said: “The article in question reveals the contradiction and the prejudice of the EP, who should be a defender of freedom of expression and opinion, used the expressions.

Bilgiç noted the following:

“While the activities of the terrorist organization PKK / PYD / YPG and associations affiliated with the FETÖ are tolerated in some EU Member States under the freedom of expression and demonstration, it is declared to be associated with a political party deeply rooted in our country and demands that a legal movement be included in the European list of terrorist organizations and that racism and fascism belong to Western political jargon, and this political line should not be confused with the understanding of nationalism in Turkey.

In particular, these types of slander, fabricated by the anti-Turkey Armenian diaspora, PKK and FETO circles, and used by Western politicians for abuses in domestic politics, are unacceptable. In addition to including false statements about our country in the report, these calls for the restriction of fundamental rights and freedoms are another indication of the EP’s separation from European reality and values. “

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