Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bilgic: We are following developments in Daraa closely and with concern.

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Bilgic responded in writing to the question regarding certain allegations related to the developments in the Syrian city of Daraa.

Noting that they were monitoring developments in Daraa closely and with concern, Bilgiç said: “The regime’s attacks targeting civilians are unacceptable by blocking Daraa / Beled and its surroundings and forcing them to migrate. used the expression.

Bilgiç pointed out that during attempts to mediate between the regime and opposition groups, they witnessed claims that many civilians forced to leave the city would be admitted to Turkey and that an agreement had been reached with the Turkey on this issue, and that these allegations were unfounded. .

Stating that he had taken note of the ceasefire agreement that entered into force on September 6, Bilgiç said: “We expect this agreement to be permanent this time around and end the inhumane treatment of the people of Daraa. made statements.

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