Forest fires continue in Greece – Latest news

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It was reported that some villages were evacuated and that some main arteries in the area were closed to traffic after the fire in the province of Vilia, located in the north-west of the Attica region, where found the capital Athens, began to threaten the settlements.

In the statement made by the firefighters, it was indicated that the fire which broke out in the forest area of ​​Vilia yesterday afternoon and spread to a large area with the effect of the wind which continued all night, intervened by land and air. , and the settlements of Panorama, Thea, Paleohori, Paleokundura and Agia Sotira and a nursing home were evacuated.

It was reported that the fire, which extended over an area of ​​about 10 kilometers, took place with 5 firefighting planes, including Russian Beriev-200 type planes, 6 helicopters, 330 firefighters and 115 vehicles.

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It was reported that in addition to the teams of the European Civil Protection Mechanism, army infantry units, police forces, construction equipment owned by local governments and citizen volunteers participated in the efforts of extinguishing fires.

On the other hand, it was found that the fire which had broken out yesterday in the region of Keratea south of Athens had been brought under control, and that the firefighters were on alert in the event of re-ignition.

It was also reported that cooling works are continuing for the fires that were brought under control a few days later in Parnithas in Attica, north of Eğriboz Island and in the Peloponnese.

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