Former US CDC Director: I get death threats for saying Kovid-19 came from the lab

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In a statement to Vanity Fair, Redfield noted that last year he received a strong backlash from scientists for voicing the theory that the Kovid-19 virus originated in the lab. “At the time, I received death threats and was ostracized for suggesting another hypothesis. I expected politicians, but not scientists. used the sentences.

Noting that some of the death threats stemmed from racial sensitivity, Redfield argued that others came from prominent scientists across the country.

“It is not unusual for respiratory pathogens studied in the lab to infect a lab worker,” the former CDC director said in an interview with CNN in March 2020. had done the assessment.


The American Wall Street Journal (WSJ) special news, which was based on a US intelligence report on May 23, raised discussions that the primary source of the Kovid-19 outbreak could be the laboratory of Wuhan. In the news, according to the relevant US intelligence report, it was claimed that 3 researchers working at the Wuhan laboratory shortly before the epidemic spread in the city, fell ill with complaints similar to the virus and seasonal flu symptoms and applied to the hospital.

US President Joe Biden also said in a written statement on May 26 that he asked intelligence services to investigate the origin of Kovid-19 in March, and that he received this report in early May. “I have asked the intelligence community to redouble their efforts to gather and analyze information that will bring us closer to a definitive conclusion and report it to me within 90 days,” Biden said in a statement. had used the expression.

The previous Trump administration blamed Beijing for the spread of the virus on several occasions, and the US intelligence report released late last year mentioned findings that the virus may have been taken out of the Wuhan lab.

While the Chinese administration categorically denied the allegations, a World Health Organization delegation that investigated the matter announced that it had come to the conclusion that the claims that the virus had spread to leaving the laboratory in question were unrealistic.

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