France surrenders to the flames: thousands of people evacuated

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Thousands evacuated due to forest fire in southern France

The fire, which broke out last night near the town of Gonfaron along the A57 motorway in the south of the country, spread under the effect of drought and wind and spread to an area of ​​5,000 hectares.

According to the statement from the Governorate of Var, the flames reached a hundred houses, 3 people were slightly injured, 19 people were affected by the smoke.

Thousands of people living near the region and camp areas were evacuated due to the flames in which around 900 firefighters fought. Evacuees were urged not to return home.

While 120 gendarmes were on duty to ensure the safety of people in the fire zone and to control entry and exit from the area, many roads in the area were closed to traffic.

Home Secretary Gerald Darmanin, in a statement on his Twitter account, said he would visit the fire zone today.

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