French company transferred money to ISIS with government knowledge

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The information contained in the documents belonging to the French institutions obtained by the Anadolu Agency revealed that the world’s largest cement giant, the French Lafarge, constantly informed the French, national, foreign and military intelligence services of its relationship with DAESH , and that the relationship took place within the knowledge of the French State.

AA obtained documents showing that Lafarge, which was under investigation for “participation in crimes against humanity” on the grounds that it had paid DAESH to carry out its activities in Syria, had this relationship to the knowledge of the French state.

It was also included in the documents that the French intelligence services, which used Lafarge’s network of connections to obtain news from the region in order to cooperate with terrorist organizations in Syria and to carry out their activities, did not. warned the company that what they did was a crime.


In the documents belonging to the French state that AA has reached, it is understood that the relationship between the Lafarge company and the French intelligence service began with an email sent by the director of security of the company Jean Claude Veillard at an address belonging to the Ministry of the Interior Intelligence on January 22, 2014.

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The manager of the company Veillard said in his email that Lafarge is still active in Syria and must establish relationships with “local actors” in order to continue its work. The security director asked intelligence services about the risk to their managers and their headquarters, noting that there had been negative press coverage about them.

Responding to Lafarge, the intelligence officer informed him of a date to discuss the situation.


After the scandalous discussion of Lafarge-terrorist organization relations in France and the matter being considered in court, an intelligence officer with the code name AM 02 made a statement in court on November 18, 2018.

According to the transcript, the officer admitted that Lafarge was his source of information in Syria.

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The intelligence officer explained to the judge how the French secret service had taken advantage of the Lafarge factory.

In the minutes, the intelligence officer does not exclude DAESH, specifying that during the period 2012-2014 Lafarge sent cement to all armed groups in Syria (including the Front al-Nosra).

“We approached the situation in a purely opportunistic manner, taking advantage of Lafarge’s continued work,” the intelligence officer said in court. noted.


Details of the shipment of cement to DAESH were discussed in the correspondence between Lafarge Security Manager Veillard and the French Ministry of the Interior on September 1, 2014.

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“Can you give more details on the cement that goes to DAESH?” “, Used French intelligence. From his statement, it is clear that the French state was aware of Lafarge’s dealings with the terrorist organization at the time.

In the documents reached by AA, it should be noted that there were more than 30 meetings between Lafarge and the French, national, foreign and military intelligence services between 2013 and 2014 alone.


Veillard, the company’s security chief, testified before police on November 30, 2017, when Lafarge was accused of committing crimes against humanity by funding terrorist organizations.

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According to the transcript obtained by AA, Veillard attempted to prove that he had informed the French state and intelligence services of everything he had done during his testimony.

The appendices to the declaration included documents relating to the maintenance information of the Lafarge safety manager in the field, the conditions developed in the field and the sensations he received.

It was understood that Veillard transferred field information on conflicts and the military balance between armed groups to French intelligence.

On one of the notes in question, a handwritten note “Sent to the French foreign intelligence services (DGSE)” was found by Veillard in October 2013.


In France, the Supreme Court paved the way for the indictment of the French cement giant Lafarge for “being an accomplice in crimes against humanity for having financed terrorists of DEASH”.

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In France, in 2016, the news was published that Lafgarge had financed the terrorist organization DAESH by paying homage to the Syrian civil war.

According to the French press, the company provided material and fuel for the organization in addition to paying tribute to DAESH in order to continue its activities in the Syrian region of Çelebiye.

The company admitted in 2017 to paying armed groups on Syrian soil to keep the plant open, but denied the charges of “complication of crimes against humanity.”

8 company executives, whose investigation has been opened, have been charged with financing terrorism and collaborating in crimes against humanity.

The charge of “participation in crimes against humanity” brought against the company in June 2018 was dropped in November 2019.

Non-governmental organizations reacting to the dropping of the charges took the case to the French Supreme Court.

The French Supreme Court is expected to render a decision today that will open or close the way for the indictment of Lafarge for complicity in crimes against humanity for financing Daesh terrorists.

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