Full quarantine application started in Malaysia due to coronavirus

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As part of the full quarantine, which began today and will last until June 14, new measures have been added to the partial curfew measures that were in place previously. As a result, citizens are prohibited from traveling beyond 10 kilometers, except for basic needs and emergencies.

The capacity of staff working in the office, which was 40 percent in the public and private sectors, has been reduced to 20 percent. While educational institutions have completely switched to online learning, field research at universities has been allowed to continue with special permission.

Shopping centers, which previously remained open, have been closed except for stores selling basic necessities.

In Malaysia, where the construction industry has suspended operations under a full quarantine, critical construction and repair work will continue under social distancing rules.

All other activities, except compulsory prayers in mosques, were canceled, while similar restrictions were placed on activities in other places of worship.


On the other hand, the Malaysian government has prepared a 40 billion Malaysian ringgit (TL 82 billion) stimulus package to subsidize damage to citizens and small businesses negatively affected by the full quarantine.

Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yasin touched on the details of the incentive program in his address to the nation. Stating that 5 billion ringgits (10.3 billion TL) from the newly announced package will be allocated for the cash injection, Muhyiddin said: “In addition to revitalizing the health system, the incentive program will continue to help in cash provided to businesses previously “. mentionned.

Muhyiddin stressed that the loan debts will be postponed for a while in order to support businesses in this context.

In Malaysia, where a total of 572,000,357 people have tested positive for Kovid-19, 2,000,796 people have died from the virus. In Malaysia, where the hospital occupancy rate is 80%, 79,000,523 people are receiving active treatment with Kovid-19. Since May 19, the daily increases in Kovid-19 cases in the country have grown to more than 6,000.

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