Funeral of Andrew Brown, black man killed by police in the USA

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Brown’s family, black activist Al Sharpton and members of society attended the ceremony held at the Fountain of Life Church in the town of Elizabeth.

It should be noted that some of the participants wore T-shirts with the words “Say your name”, “We will never forget” and “Rest in peace” during the ceremony, with a photo of Brown.

Speaking at a live social media broadcast ceremony, Sharpton sharply criticized the fact that police camera footage of the moment Brown was killed is still not being shown, saying: “I will understand when there is a fraud. Post the video so people can see what really happened to Andrew Brown. “mentioned.

Family attorney Ben Crump argued Brown was killed as a result of “unfair and reckless gunfire” and said they will fight for the release of the video tapes and the establishment of the justice.

“Like many black people in America, Andrew was unjustly murdered, shot in the back as he walked away from the police. We are here to seek justice for him,” Crump said. used the expression.

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Andrew Brown’s murder

Andrew Brown, a black man who tried to get into his car and flee the house where police went with a drug-related “search warrant” on April 21 in the town of Elizabeth, in the region of Pasquotank, North Carolina, died as a result of the gunfire.

According to statements from family members and eyewitnesses, it was alleged that Brown, 42, a father of 7, did not own a gun and died as a result of unnecessary police violence, although he did not constitute not a threat.

There were moments of tension between the angry crowd gathered at the scene and police on the same day, and Brown’s supporters had asked police to release body camera footage and clarify the allegations.

After the protests continued in the city, his family then watched a 20 second video from the police corps cameras, but his family did not find this enough and repeated the call to show all the tapes. .

While the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), as well as local authorities, announced that they had opened an investigation into the incident, it was noted that the video recordings could not be released for 30 days because the ‘investigation was underway.

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