Gas shortage in Lebanon … 90% of its stations are closed

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According to unions in the fuels sector, 90 percent of gas stations in the country have had to close their doors due to the lack of security forces to intervene in the long lines in front of the stations and the removal of the subsidy to the fuel. fuel has not been finalized.

In his statement on the matter, the secretary general of the Union of Service Stations, Hasan Cafer, said that there had been dramatic events in recent weeks due to the absence of security forces in the gas stations, as in the past, and that many gas stations did not receive gasoline from the importing company due to this danger. Cafer said more than 90 percent of stations were closed due to running out of gasoline and new bank loans not being opened.

The representative of the fuel distributors, Fadi Ebu Şakra, also said in a press statement that many gas stations did not receive the gasoline that was arriving to them due to excessive pressure from citizens and the current weak security.

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On the other hand, it was reported that many tankers are awaiting information that the necessary credit has been opened to unload their cargoes off the Lebanese coast.

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