Gazans heal their wounds – breaking news

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GAZA residents are trying to heal their wounds after 11 days of heavy shelling. In the city, where the infrastructure has been severely damaged, reconstruction works are starting on the one hand, and efforts are being made to normalize daily life on the other hand. Families who have lost their homes remain in tents that they have set up among the rubble. Musicians cheer up in front of piles of rubble.


Egypt, which played an important role in the ceasefire, had pledged $ 500 million to be used in rebuilding Gaza with a population of 2 million. In this context, yesterday he sent a convoy of engineers and construction equipment to the city. It was said that a convoy of 50 vehicles, including shovels and trucks, passed through the Rafah border post, the only point in Gaza open to the outside world. Egyptian truck driver Mahmoud Ismail told Reuters: “We have rushed to support the Palestinian reconstruction efforts with all our might.”

Construction machinery entering the city with Egyptian flags hanging on it will mainly be used to clear the rubble.


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In the bombing that began on May 10, 254 Palestinians, including 66 children, were killed and 13 people, including 2 children, died on the Israeli side. The Gaza authorities announced that 1,500 buildings were completely destroyed in the bombing and that around 1,500 buildings were beyond repair. The reconstruction is expected to cost $ 150 million.

Gazans heal their wounds

Palestinian barber Abdullah Elzavra shaved his clients amid the rubble of his shop.


The recent conflict in ISRAELL has increased Palestinian support for Hamas. Hamas’ response to the Israeli attacks with 4,000 rockets has increased its support in the West Bank, as well as in Gaza, where the organization controls it. “They gave strength to the Palestinian cause, we now see Hamas as our leader,” Mohammed Khadier, 16, told the Washington Post. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has been criticized for not reacting vigorously to Israeli attacks.


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Meanwhile, Hamas threatened to “respond” to Israel, which denies access to Qatari funds to the city. Speaking to the Lebanese press, Hamas officials said they would wait until the end of next week for the money to arrive, and if that did not happen, they would “make an important ceasefire decision. -fire”. Qatar allocates $ 30 million per month to Gaza to share the city’s energy costs, civil service salaries and help poor families.

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