German Chancellor Merkel calls for flash vaccine

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German Chancellor Merkel made statements about the Kovid-19 vaccine and the elections in her final speech to the Federal Assembly ahead of the general election on September 26.

Emphasizing the safety and benefits of Kovid-19 vaccines, Merkel said vaccines in Germany have successfully passed all necessary clinical tests and approval procedures.

“The vaccine works,” Merkel said. You protect yourself and your loved ones. Vaccination sets us free. He called on citizens to get vaccinated.

Commenting on the general elections to be held in Germany on September 26, Merkel said: “This election is particularly important. Because it will determine the direction of our country in the most difficult times. noted.

Criticizing her current coalition partner, the SPD, Merkel said the Social Democrats could not promise not to form a coalition with the Left Party, known for its radical views.

Merkel said that after the elections either a stable and reliable coalition government led by the Christian Union (CDU / CSU) parties will be established in Germany or a left-wing coalition led by the SPD will be in order. of the day, and this second possibility will not be good for Germany.

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Stressing that the prime minister candidate of the Christian Union (CDU / CSU) parties is Armin Laschet, chairman of the Christian Democratic Union Party (CDU), Merkel said: “The best choice for our country is a government led by the CDU / CSU with Armin Laschet as chancellor. used the expression.

Merkel surprisingly announced in October 2018 that she would not seek re-election as prime minister after the CDU lost votes in local and national elections.

In contrast, in Germany the government has often said that the only way to return to normalization is through vaccination. However, vaccinations that picked up in the spring have started to slow down recently.

In the ongoing vaccination campaign in Germany, around 65.9% of the country’s population received at least one dose and 61.4% received 2 doses.

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