Good news for Trump: Social media bans have been banned!

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In the United States, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed and enacted state law that sanctions social media companies if it places a ban on political candidates.

Stating that the law passed by the state legislature is a movement against the elites of Silicon Valley, DeSantis said, “We see opposition voices being tempted to be suppressed by the left-wing media and the large companies across the United States. ” used the expression.

The law states that if social media companies break the rules, they can suspend the accounts of political candidates for up to 14 days, but cannot terminate or ban them indefinitely.

It should be noted that in the event of a violation of the law, the state electoral commission may impose a daily fine of $ 250,000 for candidates representing the state and $ 25,000 for other local candidates.

It is pointed out that the law, which is presented as the first example in the country and prohibits bans on social networks, can serve as a model for other states.

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After the January 6 congressional raid, social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube shut down former President Donald Trump’s accounts on the grounds that they were spreading false lies about the November 3, 2020 election and encouraging the public to revolt.


Former US President Donald Trump launched a new “communications” site earlier this month. Users will be able to like messages on the “From Donald J. Trump’s Office” site and also share them on their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Donald Trump described the platform as “a place to speak freely and safely”.

Through the site, users will be able to send messages, photos and videos to Trump. Trump was banned by Twitter after the congressional crackdown in January.

Facebook and YouTube have also suspended Trump’s accounts. It has been announced that Trump’s press releases will now take place on the new website.

It is reported that the website was founded by digital services company Campaign Nucleus.

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Several articles on the site echo baseless allegations that the US presidential election of November 3, 2020 was “stolen”.

If Trump’s return is allowed, Facebook will have 7 days to reactivate the account.

Twitter, on the other hand, permanently banned Trump’s account with 88 million subscribers.

Trumpa good news: social media bans have been banned

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