Greece to provide information for “sound ball”

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The European Union (EU) Commission said Greece was “worried” about placing a very loud “sound ball” at the Turkish border to prevent the passage of immigrants, and asked Athens for information on the matter.

Adelbert Jahnz, one of the spokespersons for the European Commission, answered the question during the daily press conference and recalled that the Member States are responsible for the infrastructure at the EU’s external borders.

Stressing that all measures to be taken at the borders must be proportionate and respect fundamental rights and the right to asylum, Jahnz said:

“The European Commission is concerned about reports of the use of so-called sound cannons. It appears that this equipment is being used to deter border crossings. The European Commission is in contact with the Greek authorities. We asked them for information on this. “

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It has been reported that a “digital barrier” has been established at the Turkish-Greek border to prevent the passage of immigrants. It was said that the system, which has been put in place in recent months to prevent illegal crossings of the 200-kilometer border to Europe with $ 3.7 billion provided by the EU, has been tested.

Security controls such as lie detectors operated by artificial intelligence, virtual border guard robots and cameras have been tested as part of the system, which includes an artificial intelligence operated surveillance network with cameras and sensors.

The European Commission has taken action: Greece will provide information for the sound ball

The system, which can send deafening sounds towards the Turkish border from a long-range acoustic device called a “sound cannon” installed on an armored vehicle belonging to the Greek police, is prompting a reaction from human rights defenders.

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