Half of Japanese population vaccinated against Kovid-19 with double dose

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Cabinet member responsible for Kovid-19 measures Nişimura Yasutoşi announced the current vaccination data in the TV program he participated in.
Noting that half of the country’s population is vaccinated against Kovid-19 with a double dose, Nişimura said he wants to catch up with the vaccination rate in European countries.

Nişimura said that if the vaccination rate maintains its current level, the rate of people vaccinated with double doses will exceed 60 percent by the end of September. Nişimura Yasutoshi noted that 80% of the vaccination rate will have a positive effect on cases of the virus, which continues the upward trend across the country.

The government aims to complete double-dose vaccination of consenting people by early November. In Japan, a population of 126 million, the vaccination campaign against Kovid-19 began in February 2021.

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