He cut his tongue when the party he supported won the election

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India, which is in the grip of Kovid-19, is on the agenda with some interesting news this time around.

The country’s national elections are over. After the intense political race, an extraordinary event took place.

The woman, who vowed to “ cut her tongue ” in case the party she supported wins the election, kept her promise after the official results were announced.

According to national press reports, a 29-year-old woman named Vanitha cut her tongue.

The woman who went to Muthalamman temple to keep her pledge yesterday cut her tongue outside the door as she could not enter due to pandemic restrictions.

It was reported that Vanitha, who was unconscious on the temple stairs, had been treated in hospital.

In the statement made by the hospital, it was stated that the woman had cut 1 centimeter of her tongue. In the same statement, it was pointed out that after the procedure the woman could speak again.

Supported by the 29-year-old, the DMK and its partners won 159 seats out of 234 state council members and became the majority.

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After these results, Muthuvel Karunanidhi Stalin became the new Prime Minister of the province. Stalin will be sworn in on May 7 and begin his duties.

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