He dug a hole in his garden, he lived the shock of his life! 101 exactly

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Both in our country and in the world, interesting objects or historical artifacts buried in gardens or fields can cause great astonishment. The same thing happened with Solomon. but this time the number of “things” discovered was so great that even the authorities were surprised.

In Solomon Islands, a person digging a septic tank in his backyard found 101 unexploded bombs from WWII.

Those who came out of the garden of the house where one person has lived for years in Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands, were surprised. It was stated that the person whose name was not disclosed in the garden had found WWII bombs.

Royal Solomon Islands Police Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) teams (RSIPF) were called to the scene. In a written statement from RSIPF, it was noted that 101 unexploded bombs had been removed from the garden as a result of the teams’ two-day operation and that work had started to neutralize the bombs.

He dug a hole in his garden, he lived the shock of his life. 101 pieces

“A person east of Honiara found over 100 WWII munitions while digging a hole for the new septic tank in his backyard. Explosive ordnance from Australia.” Destruction expert Ian Percy helps the Royal Police deal with this terrible legacy of WWII. “

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