He lost his wife and 4 children in the terrible attack on Israel! ‘What was the sin of the children’

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Hadidi, who lost his wife and 4 children in Israel’s attack on Shati refugee camp, recounted the day of the attack and her experiences at the funeral. Noting that her children happily left home because they were going to see their parents dressed at their parties, Hadidi said, during the Israeli attack, his wife and children; He reported that Suheyb (14), Abdurrahman (8), Usame (6) and Yahya (11) lost their lives. “What was the sin of the children? They lost their lives. They were innocent and had nothing to do with this conflict.” “What could be the reason for the murder of children who do not have a weapon and who do not harm anyone?” Said Hadidi. used the expressions. The grieving father has refused to make requests to international human rights institutions, accusing Israel of failing to fulfill its duty to protect Palestinian children who have suffered years of abuse.


Hadidi said only the five-month-old baby, Omar, survived the Israeli attack. The Palestinian father said that when he learned that his youngest child, Ömer, had survived the attack, he prayed gratefully. Brothers Meryem (8), Yamen (6), Bilal (9) and Yusuf (11) of the Abu Hatab family, where the Hadidi family went to Shati camp to celebrate with their relatives, and their mothers lost their lives .

The painful father’s methane position was appreciated

On the other hand, the images in which Hadidi recounts the loss of her children with great firmness have drawn hearts. Hadidi said his wife and children, who went to her siblings to celebrate, lost their lives in the attack which was carried out without any warning. The steadfast attitude of the Palestinian father, who learned of his child’s death in intensive care while describing the incident in which his wife and three children died, was widely shared by social media users. While the father’s painful attitude was appreciated, the expression “God did not leave me alone”, which he used for his 5 month old baby who survived the attack, tore the hearts of listeners. .

He lost his wife and 4 children in the terrible attack on Israel What was the children's sin


10 Palestinians, 2 of whom are women, 8 of whom are children, lost their lives in the family of Abu Hatab and Al-Hadidi, who went to their relatives to celebrate in the Shati refugee camp, in the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip yesterday. 4 children of the deceased Abu Hatab family as well as their mothers and 4 children of the Hadidi family and their mothers were sent for their last trip with the funeral ceremony organized with the participation of Palestinians. The situation is worsening in the besieged Gaza Strip, which Israel has struck by air and land since May 10. In the Israeli attacks, 192 people, including 58 children and 34 women, lost their lives, 1,235 people were injured and dozens of buildings were completely destroyed or became unusable.

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