He was one of the richest and most popular players in the country … Destroyed in a day!

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The incredible event that took place in China last week toured the world and caused a stir: the internet presence of actress Zhao Wei, one of the country’s most famous actors and billionaires, has been destroyed overnight!

The 45-year-old actress, also known as Vicky Zhao, was China’s most internationally recognized television and film star. The actress did not only become famous as a businesswoman who made a lot of investments and as one of the richest people in the country.

Zhao Wei has been accused of corruption by state-backed Chinese media after his investments and growing wealth, and news about him grabbed the headlines with “scandal” headlines.

All of Zhao’s films, TV productions, projects as a producer, interviews, videos and photographs have been taken off Chinese digital platforms and everything about him has disappeared from the internet, so to speak.

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Zhao Wei had 85 million subscribers on Weibo, the social media platform known as Twitter in China. The situation caused a great controversy due to the popularity of the actor.

We know that the Beijing administration recently declared war on the elites, which it accuses of being “supporters of the West” on the grounds that they have destroyed moral values. It is shared at the last minute by news agencies that blacklists have started to be created and that a set of new very strict rules on television broadcasts have been put in place.

A recent example is the recent fine of $ 46 million imposed on actress Zheng Shuang for tax evasion. A list of “celebrities of bad behavior” allegedly blacklisted by Beijing circulated on social media last week, and Zheng Shuang and Zhao Wei are also on the list.

A “What happened to Zhao Wei” hashtag campaign was launched on Weibo for the famous actress.

Although the Chinese government has not explained the reason for what happened, the focus is on Zhao’s wife Huang Youlong owning shares in the movie company affiliated with the trade giant. Alibaba and its relationship with Alibaba owner Jack Ma. In fact, there are comments that Jack Ma’s partners are being punished for contradicting the Chinese administration. The number of people who believe that Zhao was a victim of the campaign against “toxic popular culture” launched this week is not small.

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In this context, many other stars have been targeted. The Chinese authorities argue that “the culture of admiration has become chaotic, some people have become disproportionately rich, and this goes against socialist principles, and that these celebrities also undermine the country’s values ​​by being false models for young people “.

He was one of the richest and most popular actors in the country ... Destroyed in a day

In contrast, a person living in Shanghai, China, filed a complaint in 2015, claiming that he was disturbed by famous actor Zhao Wei’s “extremely cautious gaze” on television and that he had harmed himself. .

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At that time, the actress played a domineering mother who oppressed her daughter in the television series “Tiger Mother”.

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