He was the biggest pop star in Afghanistan … He fled to Istanbul shouting “More democracy”!

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The Taliban administration, which took control of Afghanistan shortly after the departure of the United States, NATO and other Western powers, has created a climate of fear and chaos in all provinces, especially in the capital Kabul.

Even though the Taliban administration, which accepted moderate rhetoric and said it would behave differently from examples of the past, said the Afghan people, especially women and children, did not need to have afraid of them and everyone to be safe under their rule, the people, who remember very well the period when the Taliban was effective in the 1990s, took the country for a moment, they even risk death for go first.

Afghanistan’s most famous pop star, Aryana Sayeed, who rose to fame in the Afghan version of ‘The Voice’ music competition, which is broadcast in many countries and is very popular around the world, and one of the the country’s best known and beloved artists, was among those who fled Kabul.

The young artist, who has more than a million followers on Instagram, was among the lucky Afghans who managed to board one of the US cargo planes departing from Kabul yesterday.

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He was the biggest pop star in Afghanistan ... He fled to Istanbul shouting that there is no more democracy.

Sayeed, who announced he would be coming to Turkey on a plane from there to Istanbul, did not neglect to share photos of the plane he boarded.

He shared many photos with his fans saying, “After a few scary and unforgettable nights, I’m fine now.” While sending the message, he announced that he had reached the city of Doha, Qatar.

The artist, who says there will be many more stories to share with you when I get home safe and sound and when I come to my senses, says there is no more democracy in his country, and that despite the Taliban’s claims that we have changed, Afghan women, especially women who have risen to prominent positions or become recognized role models in society, do not have the security of life.

Aryana Sayeed tries to make her voice heard in the world on the situation of her compatriots while describing her situation by saying “I am one of the lucky ones who were able to escape”.

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Women who were civil servants, translators or teachers before the arrival of the Taliban are now hiding in silence in their homes or in safe places. Despite promises from the Taliban that we will rule the country in accordance with Sharia law, without harming women, reports from Afghanistan indicate that Taliban fighters are forcibly removing young girls and single women from their homes. and force them to marry them.

He was the biggest pop star in Afghanistan ... He fled to Istanbul shouting that there is no more democracy.

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We learned that the houses of women parliamentarians in the city of Herat were searched and their cars stolen.

The country’s first female governor, Zarifa Ghafari, tried to make her voice heard on social media and said: “I’m waiting for the Taliban to come and kill me. was called by sharing.

Another female governor, Salima Mazari, has already been arrested by the Taliban. Known for his anti-Taliban statements, Mazari is suspected of having been executed.

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