He was the oldest in the world … He was a victim of climate change!

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Researchers have announced that the world’s oldest wild boar painting in Indonesia, painted 45,500 years ago, is damaged and extinct due to climate change.

The risk of climate change, which threatens the world, is increasing day by day. It has been reported that an image of a wild boar drawn on the island of Sulawesi 45,500 years ago in Indonesia has started to disappear due to climate change. Dr. “(These works of art) are disappearing before our eyes,” Jillian Huntley said in a press release.

Other cave designs depicting hunting scenes and supernatural beings in the area have also been said to disappear more quickly as the temperature rises. Scientific findings indicate that more needs to be done to protect priceless art.


Scientists said the salt crystals swelled to three times the size as the air warmed up in the cave where the image was located, and that these salt crystals growing on and behind the image caused the separation of parts of the image from the cave walls.

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